About Us

Centered on a state-of-the-art SLA printer, our services are focused on delivering the best quality possible. From the pre-production steps to the final cleaning process, our customized approach and attention to detail ensures each project is completed to the client's specifications.


The model is carefully oriented to optimize the printing quality while support point editing helps prevent printing failure.


Using a state-of-the-art-stereolithography printer, your prototype or personal project comes to life. With an accuracy of 100 to 25 microns, a wide variety of projects can be handled, from your own creations, detailed and intricate jewelry models, to common simple objects. The maximum build volume is 145mm x 145 mm x 175 


Most of the resins used to print your project require a UV curing process to garantee the integrity and the sturdiness of the parts. The curing time varies with the type of resin used.


After the curing process, your parts need to be cleaned. The printing stage generates supports that need to be carefully removed in order to obtain the final parts.